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Bursting with seaside botanicals and as uplifting as a walk on the beach, Sea Arch is a delicious and refreshing alternative to alcohol. It really is more beautiful without. With purity of flavour and served with a real sense of occasion Sea Arch captures the true spirit of the Devon coast.

More beautiful without

The Story of Sea Arch

Hello and welcome to the beautiful world of Sea Arch non-alcoholic distilled spirit, a refreshing alternative to alcohol. We are Sarah and Geoff Yates and we live by the sea in Devon.

Sea Arch is crafted using traditional distillation techniques. It is created with complex, natural botanicals such as sea kelp, samphire, cardamon and blood orange. But then the alcohol is gently removed to create a grown-up, alcohol-free spirit.

Sea Arch can be enjoyed with a clear head, a clean conscience and – always – plenty of ice. It’s delicious with tonic (we call it a Sea & T) and wonderful in cocktails. Sea Arch is sugar-free and calorie-free but rich in flavour. It’s as uplifting as a walk on the beach… and just as good for you.


– Cocktails –

Who says alcohol-free cocktails can’t be grown up?

At Sea Arch, we are always looking for new ways to enjoy our delicious non-alcoholic spirit. Mix with tonic for a crisp, refreshing, and complex Sea & T. Or create non-alcoholic cocktails with attitude using a shot of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper in our uplifting recipes.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your favourite Sea Arch cocktail.

How it’s made

Inspired by the soul-restoring coastline of South West England, it’s no surprise that Sea Arch is refreshing, crisp and bright with a hint of wildness. Discover more about how we create Sea Arch using natural botanicals (clue: some of them grow by the sea).

Our News & Events

Introducing Sea & T – Our Ready to Drink Cans

Introducing Sea & T – Our Ready to Drink Cans

The Sea & T is a delicious ready to drink alcohol-free alternative to a G & T and comes in a recyclable single-serve 250ml can.Each of our two refreshing flavours is low in calories (18 per 250ml can) free from sweeteners, preservatives and of course are made...

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Non-alcoholic gin – it’s a thing!

This blog will suggest that non-alcoholic gin is a welcome and valid addition to the gin category. A Brief History of Gin Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink, predominantly flavoured with juniper berries with a minimum abv of 37.5%. First known reference was in a...

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Dry January with Holly and Phil loving Sea Arch

Dry January with Holly and Phil loving Sea Arch

This Morning featuring Sea Arch What’s it like to see ITV royalty drinking and discussing a drinks brand and product for Dry January that you’ve created and loving it? Believe me, it’s pretty amazing! A great start to 2020 for an independent business based on the...

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How is a non-alcoholic gin distilled?

A non-alcoholic gin can be distilled in much the same way as an alcoholic gin. However, some of the cheap inferior products just soak the botanicals in water and strain which gives a watery, thin product. At Sea Arch our non-alcoholic gin is made using traditional copper pot and steam distillation techniques. Each of our ingredients is individually distilled; the process involves, maceration, heating and condensing to capture the very best from each of our eleven carefully selected botanicals. The result is a full flavoured, refreshing non-alcoholic gin that has real bite and complexity.

What is non-alcoholic gin made from?

A high quality non-alcoholic gin is made from many of the same ingredients as its alcoholic counterpart. Juniper is an essential ingredient in gin, it is therefore important to use it in an alcohol-free gin or low-alcohol gin to provide the distinctive gin-like flavour. At Sea Arch, our Coastal Juniper blend leads with aromatic juniper on the nose which is carried through to the flavour. We also use the seaside botanicals of sugar kelp and samphire which give a dry, grown-up flavour. Coriander for spice and complexity, blood orange and grapefruit for some citrus bitterness and cardamon for a long, warm finish. For a premium non-alcoholic gin, the very best botanicals should be used, each adding their own individual layers of flavour, which when blended together make a delicious juniper based alcohol-free spirit.

How many calories are in non-alcoholic gin?

Generally, the gin itself is relatively low calorie, it is often the tonic or mixer which adds the calories. Some of the non-alcoholic gins contain sugar or sweeteners, this is often done to compensate for having low alcohol or zero alcohol drink which lacks flavour, these drinks may be high in sugar and calories. At Sea Arch we have created a non-alcoholic spirit which is full of flavour and calorie free. Incidentally our Coastal Juniper blend is also sweetener free, vegan friendly, allergen free and uses all-natural botanicals. If you mix Sea Arch spirit with a low-calorie tonic water, you will be able to enjoy a grown-up, alcohol-free gin which contains between 13 and 15 calories a glass.

What's the best way to drink alcohol-free gin?
Alcohol-free gin should be served with the same sense of occasion as an alcoholic gin and available at any event or venue where alcoholic drinks are served. To experience an authentic gin alternative absolute parity of serve with gin and other alcohol-based spirits is required. Beautiful glasses with plenty of quality ice added, premium tonic waters, sodas and other quality mixers are all essential to ensure a truly sophisticated and sippable alcohol-free drink can be enjoyed seamlessly alongside those who are drinking alcohol. When it comes to garnishes, there are all number of decorative and creative possibilities, these may include various citrus fruit like lemon peel, herbs, spices and botanicals like juniper. For the classic Sea Arch alcohol-free Sea & T pour a large measure over ice with a twist of lemon topped up with an Indian tonic, we add freshly foraged samphire sometimes as a more unusual garnish.

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