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Spirit of the Devon Coast


August is finally here and, although the weather has been a little unpredictable lately, we’re flocking to the coasts in droves to make the most of the great British staycation.

There’s something very special about being by the sea. The fresh salty air, the sound of the waves… for many of us, being by the coast brings a noticeable boost for our overall sense of wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing benefits of the coast

In fact, a Defra report on ‘blue health’ that was published last year, compiled in collaboration with the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment & Human Health and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, found that spending time in marine and coastal environments has positive benefits on health and wellbeing. Visits to marine and coastal areas with designated or protected status and those with higher levels of biodiversity were associated with higher levels of calmness, relaxation and revitalisation, compared to locations without this status.

Here at Sea Arch Drinks, we count ourselves very lucky to be based on the stunning South Devon coast, in the English Riviera. This picturesque location with its sandy beaches and breathtaking sea views has been pivotal to the creation and development of the Sea Arch brand in so many ways.

Inspired by the Devon Coast

The initial concept and recipe development for our Sea Arch Coastal Juniper distilled non-alcoholic spirit was all done from our kitchen table in Torquay. We experimented with many different ingredients but were always keen to include seaside botanicals in our blend. Native to the Devon coast, sugar kelp and samphire are now distilled alongside botanicals including juniper, cardamom, coriander and blood orange to create a deliciously crisp, complex non-alcoholic spirit.

The seaside botanicals bring fresh, clean, uplifting flavours to the spirit and, with them, characteristics that evoke a real sense of being by the coast. Close your eyes while enjoying a refreshing Sea & T over ice and you could easily be relaxing by the sea as the pure, crisp flavours and aromas indulge your senses. Bursting with seaside botanicals, Sea Arch really does capture the spirit of the Devon coast. It’s as uplifting as a walk on the beach – and, being alcohol-free, it’s just as good for you!


More beautiful without

The inspiration behind the brand name is found here on the Devon shores too, on our favourite stretch of coastline. Walking distance from where we’re based is the iconic rock formation that inspired the Sea Arch name – something nature has created and made even more beautiful by taking something away, eroding the cliff to leave a stunning natural archway. Similarly, with our Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend, the gentle removal of the alcohol following the distillation process leaves you able to taste the layers of complex natural botanical flavours, making it even more beautiful.

At the first sip, aromatic juniper and bitter grapefruit give a clean, crisp taste. Then comes the sweetness and spice of blood orange and coriander. Distinctively fresh coastal notes and Devon character are distilled from the wild seaside herbs of sugar kelp and samphire, and cardamom ensures a balanced, warm finish.

Perfect simply served over ice with a squeeze of citrus and a premium tonic, Sea Arch Coastal Juniper is also delicious in a range of non-alcoholic cocktails. The Strawberry & Lime Spritz is a particular favourite of ours at this time of year but there’s a great selection of alcohol-free cocktail recipes on our website to inspire you.


How Sea Arch supports The Seahorse Trust

Living by the sea as we do, we’re enormously aware of the importance of protecting and preserving our coastlines and natural world. That’s why we teamed up with The Seahorse Trust earlier this year, helping to raise funds and awareness for the charity. The natural sea arch that inspired our brand name is one of The Seahorse Trust’s study sites, with both British seahorse species (the spiny seahorse and the short snouted seahorse) found there, as well as elsewhere around the bay, so we’re enormously proud to support the important conservation work they do.

As you may have seen recently in the news, the Seahorse Trust was instrumental in a project to install ten new eco-moorings to protect seahorses at another of their key study sites, at Studland Bay in Dorset. These provide an environmentally responsible alternative to anchors, which can damage seahorse habitats on the seabed, and it is hoped that they will be the first of many. To find out more about The Seahorse click here, or you can make a donation to them via our Virgin Money Giving page here.

Sea Arch & The Seahorse Trust

Be mindful on the coast

If you’re planning to enjoy a visit to the coast this summer, or at any time of year for that matter, please remember to be conscious of the environment around you and any impact you may be having on it.

As mentioned in the Defra research referenced earlier, marine and coastal areas with higher levels of biodiversity are associated with higher levels of calmness, relaxation and revitalisation for those visiting – so by protecting their natural environment, you’re also boosting the benefits that you will be able to reap in return, hopefully for many years to come.

And don’t forget to order a bottle of Sea Arch or a few of the Sea Arch ready to drink cans so you can close your eyes over a Sea & T and let your mind escape to the coast whenever you feel like it!

Sea Arch

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