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Self-care evening

a SELF-care evening with refreshing non-alcoholic G&Ts

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You’re always so busy looking after everyone else and cracking through your to-do list. But every now and then you need to pause and take some time for yourself, do what you want to do and give your mind and body a much-needed break.

So get a date in the diary. Here’s everything you need for a completely relaxing self-care evening.

Give yourself time to get ready

• Create a calming space – blankets and candles make it feel cosy and a chill-out playlist can help you unwind

•  Change into your comfiest clothes

•  Make your favourite food

•  Turn off your phone – take a break from Instagram and Facebook and really be in the present


Pamper yourself

•  Run a bubble bath

•  Treat your skin with a refreshing face mask

•  Mix a classic Sea Arch G&T


Do something you love

Self-care is all about making yourself happy. So do something you love but don’t always have time for – read a great book, stretch out with some yoga, watch your favourite film, do some crafts… whatever you love doing.


Get an early night

A calm and peaceful evening should help you drift off easily. To make your sleep even more luxurious, put clean sheets on your bed. And turn off your alarm clock – you’ll wake up naturally and extend your self-care time all the way through to the next morning.


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