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Sea Arch teams up with The Seahorse Trust


Thanks to the rise in awareness of issues caused by climate change, global warming and plastic pollution, there is greater focus nowadays than ever before on the need to be environmentally conscious, protecting our planet and preserving our natural resources. But being eco-friendly is about so much more than off-setting your carbon emissions and recycling your waste. These days, businesses really do have a responsibility to build sustainable practices into their business model, by being environmentally friendly through sustainable packaging and reducing plastic waste.

Our Environmental Promise

Here at Sea Arch Drinks, we believe that all businesses (and people too, for that matter) have a moral duty to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful, ethical and sustainable. That’s why we have made an environmental promise to be a green business and an eco-friendly brand, having the lowest possible impact on the environment in everything we do.

This commitment is applied across all areas of the Sea Arch business, not least in terms of the sustainable materials we insist on using in all of our packaging to create eco-friendly products. We won’t ever use single-use plastic and our eco-friendly packaging is all recyclable or compostable. We use recycled cardboard for our boxes and even the paint on our beautiful blue bottles is solvent free. But that’s not all, we’re on a journey to make our business ideas as eco-friendly as possible.

Living by the sea here in Devon, we’re enormously aware of the vital importance of protecting our natural world. We are fortunate to have such a huge range of species living in and around our shores, from dolphins and whales to seahorses and starfish, never mind the vast array of other fish and coral just off our shores. We know that being conscious of our environmental impact and promoting sustainability is the very least we can do. But we’re not going to stop there – we’re keen to have a positive influence outside our business too.


Teaming up with The Seahorse Trust

That’s why we’re delighted this month to announce our new partnership with The Seahorse Trust. We’re really excited about working with the Trust and helping to spread the word about the important work they do to protect the marine environment across the UK and around the world.

The Seahorse Trust was founded in 1999 with the aim of preserving and conserving the natural world, especially the marine environment, with the seahorse as its flagship species. The charity works with people, organisations and governments around the globe, all from its base here in Devon, and makes a real difference through education, conservation and campaigning for protected areas to create an incredibly positive environmental impact.

One of its study sites is at Beacon Cove in Torquay, which is very near to the stunning natural sea arch that was the inspiration for our Sea Arch brand name. Here both of the British seahorse species can be found – the spiny seahorse and the short snouted seahorse. In fact, although many of us may have only ever seen seahorses in an aquarium or a zoo, they can be found living and breeding around the coasts of the British Isles.

Believe it or not, both British seahorses can be found from the Shetland Isles mainly down the west coast of the UK (and all around Ireland) and along the south coast of England. There have also been sightings of both native species of seahorse on the east coast of the UK, and a few years ago they were even found in the North Sea.

That said, many of their natural habitats are increasingly under threat. Seahorses tend to live in coastal areas and these are vulnerable to human and natural interference. That’s where the work of The Seahorse Trust comes in as they try to protect these fragile eco-systems through education, conservation and lobbying activity.


How we plan to support at Sea Arch

To support them in this, Sea Arch is becoming a Member of the Trust and will be making regular donations to the charity, as well as offering our customers the opportunity to donate every now and then when purchasing from our website or engaging with us on social media.

We’re looking forward to sharing news from The Seahorse Trust with our social media followers to help raise awareness of the valuable work they do and the varied environmental initiatives they undertake to be earth-friendly. We understand there are some really exciting developments in the pipeline so keep an eye on our social media profiles to find out more – and why not follow The Seahorse Trust too? You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, or you can sign up for their newsletter here.

How you can get involved

There are plenty of other ways you can get involved too. Like us, you could become a Member of The Seahorse Trust, or you can help to preserve these magical sea creatures by adopting a seahorse. What a lovely gift idea that is too!

We really hope you’ll join us in supporting this wonderful charity and the vital work it does to protect seahorses and their natural habitats so that they – and we – can enjoy our coastlines for many years to come.


How is a non-alcoholic gin distilled?

A non-alcoholic gin can be distilled in much the same way as an alcoholic gin. However, some of the cheap inferior products just soak the botanicals in water and strain which gives a watery, thin product. At Sea Arch our non-alcoholic gin is made using traditional copper pot and steam distillation techniques. Each of our ingredients is individually distilled; the process involves, maceration, heating and condensing to capture the very best from each of our eleven carefully selected botanicals. The result is a full flavoured, refreshing non-alcoholic gin that has real bite and complexity.

how can packaging be eco-friendly?

There are numerous ways packaging can be eco-friendly – all you need to do is explore your packaging options! From using recycled products, considering compostable packaging, embracing cardboard boxes and using organic materials, these are all opportunities to make your packaging more sustainable to encourage zero-waste. Not only is this eco-friendly, but in most cases very cost-effective. That’s why at Sea Arch we aim to be as environmentally friendly as we can, only using sustainable materials for our delicious eco-friendly products to create as little waste as possible.

how is sea arch an eco-friendly brand?

Our Coastal Juniper spirit and Sea & T and Rose & T cans are made using entirely reusable and recyclable plastics. Even our packaging design incorporates solvent-free paint, meaning it produces very little environmental pollution. But it doesn’t stop there! We always use recycled packaging materials for all our products use recycled cardboard boxes to be ethical and sustainable and are made up of all-natural botanicals. Living by the coast as we do, we’re aware of protecting the natural world around us. That’s why in everything we do, we aim to have the lowest possible impact on the environment and be completely vegan friendly.

how can we help our coastal environment?

If you want to help preserve the natural world, especially the coast and marine environment, it can be done by making small alterations to your lifestyle. This can be by using a reusable water bottle, ditching single-use straws, coffee cups, utensils and plastic bags and reducing your carbon footprint by keeping it local and exploring the beautiful Devon coastline (after all, this did inspire Sea Arch!). By doing these small steps, you can do your bit to reduce plastic pollution that so often ends up in our shores distributing harmful chemicals and destroying wildlife habitats. 

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