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When to drink non-alcoholic drinks


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 There are times when you can’t – or you just don’t want to – drink alcohol. We like to think of these as Sea Arch occasions. They’re the special events, the parties, the just-because afternoons and everyday moments that are even more beautiful without.

The question is, which will be your next Sea Arch occasion? And hey, remember to share your photos with us #SeaArchOccasions


Beach bbq

The sun is blazing and the sand is warm between your toes. It can only mean one thing! Time for a beach barbie – and of course, a non-alcoholic G&T.
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Non alcohol+baby+shower


The perfect way to welcome an imminent new arrival – complete with delicious non-alcoholic Sea Arch cocktails.
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Get your favourite ladies together for a chilled evening of food, laughs and delicious Sea Arch cocktails.
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Alcohol free+tea+party?format=original

tea party

Sometimes you just want to break out the bunting and your best china. Here’s our recipe for a perfectly refined afternoon in your garden.
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Sea+Arch+non alcoholic+g%26t+self care+evening


Sometimes you need to take some time for yourself, mix a non-alcoholic Sea Arch G&T and really and truly relax.
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Kids+party+with+delicious+Sea+Arch+non alcoholic+gin+cocktails?format=original


Plan a party with enough fun for the little ones and plenty of sophisticated Sea Arch cocktails for the grown ups.
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Working+lunch+with+non alcoholic+drinks?format=original

working lunch

Working lunches that will boost your colleagues and make sure everyone’s firing and full of great ideas all afternoon.
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Non alcoholic+wedding+drinks


A sophisticated drinks menu with delicious non-alcoholic gin to delight your guests and keep them refreshed all day long.
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