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If you’re looking for the perfect partner for your refreshing Sea Arch spirit, look no further! We’re here to help you find a tantalising tonic water or two that will bring out the very best in our Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend.

Gone are the days (thank goodness!) when an overly sweet, super-fizzy tonic water was seen as an acceptable mixer. As consumers, we have become much better informed about our food and drink, leading to higher expectations about the quality of the products on our plates and in our glasses.

And as one well-known premium tonic brand successfully highlights, if three quarters of your drink is the mixer, then you should be using the best.

Sea Arch Coastal Juniper Sea T

It’s certainly true that when you’re drinking a premium alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirit, you want to enjoy it with a mixer that really allows the spirit to shine through. Nowadays there are lots of fantastic premium mixers on the market – from classic Indian tonic water to flavoured tonics, low calorie options and much more.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite independent tonic brands and would highly recommend any and all of them to you. Read on to find your perfect match…

Twelve Below

Twelve BelowThe Twelve Below range of tonic waters was the UK’s first 100% natural low sugar drinks range. Inspired by British fruit flavours and sweetened with a dash of organic agave, the tonics contain 2.5g of natural sugars and have only 12 calories per 100ml serving.

The whole philosophy behind Twelve Below is very similar to ours when it comes to sugar, sweeteners, artificial additives and compromise – in that there’s no need for any of them!

If you’re after a health-focused tonic water that tastes great with your Sea Arch Coastal Juniper, we love their Classic Premium Tonic, which is crisp and refreshing with a citrus twist. Or if you like something with a bit more fruit flavour, their decadent Pear Tonic water with its aromatic cardamom finish is a real winner.



The ambition behind the Folkington’s brand is to replicate the authenticity and provenance of fine wines (“terroir”) in a range of fruit juices and soft drinks, which has thankfully now expanded to include a tasty range of tonic waters and other mixers too.

Folkington’s ingredients are sustainably sourced from the same farms and farming communities every year, and from British farmers wherever possible to keep food miles to a minimum.

As well as their traditional Indian tonic water and Light alternative, they make a couple of unusual flavoured mixers that are well worth a try. We really enjoyed their refreshing English Garden tonic water, made with cucumber, rosemary and mint, and we’re looking forward to trying their Earl Grey tonic water next, made with bergamot and tea – sounds very refreshing indeed!



Luscombe scaledBased not far from us here in Devon, Luscombe is a family business that has been crafting small batch, organic, artisanal drinks on the Luscombe Estate farm since 1975. Its classic English soft drinks and juices are made with organic ingredients, and every drink is entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers

Luscombe’s luxury tonic waters blend Dartmoor spring water, drawn from a source on their farm, with Indian quinine and wild or organic fruits. Now doesn’t that sound amazing? – and they really do taste that good too!

The Devon Tonic Water and the Light Devon Tonic are both made with Japanese yuzu, an aromatic citrus fruit that delivers a refreshing and distinct flavour, making it a firm favourite of ours. For those who prefer a flavoured tonic, their delicate Grapefruit Tonic is really delicious paired with Sea Arch, plus they make a refreshing Cucumber Tonic and a floral Elderflower Tonic that both bring out different elements of the Coastal Juniper spirit. We’d definitely recommend trying them all!


Gallybird makes a range of zero calorie premium tonic water that’s naturally sugar free, using only the finest quality ingredients. It’s the perfect option if you’re keeping an eye on your calorie intake, and a great partner for our calorie-free Sea Arch Coastal Juniper as it means you can enjoy a Sea & T with no calories whatsoever!

Each extract used in their blends is infused for its taste and nutritional value, creating all-natural tonic waters full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant power. They are sweetened with Stevia leaf extract, which is suitable for diabetics as it has no effect on insulin levels, unlike sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stevia has a glycemic index and glycemic load of zero.

Clean, elegant and free from any chemical nasties, Gallybird’s range of carefully balanced tonic waters deliver a no sugar, zero calorie option using 100% natural ingredients – and they taste fantastic too!Gallybird



Artisan Drinks

Fresh, flavourful and lots of fun, Artisan’s stylish range of tonic waters is sure to impress! Top quality mixer drinks with chic, colourful labels, Artisan tonics are made with 100% natural ingredients. Created to perfectly pair with gin and a range of other premium spirits, these mixers have craft quality on the inside and out.

Artisan Drinks excels in making vibrant, unusual tonic water flavours, including Yuzu Tokyo, Violet Blossom and Amalfi Lime. Our personal favourite with a double shot of Sea Arch is their pretty Pink Citrus tonic – a clean, crisp citrus blend with notes of pink citrus grapefruit, blood orange and lemon, plus a hint of basil. Delish!

As they say at Artisan Drinks, this is an outstanding range of mixer drinks for those colourful, free spirits prepared to stand out from the crowd and shine in their own way! Artisan Drinks

Sea Buck

Just like us, Sea Buck Tonic takes its inspiration from the sea down here in the beautiful South West of England.Sea Buck

Based in St Ives, its blend of Cornish spring water infused with sea buckthorn berries and quinine-producing cinchona bark results in a refined tonic that has an unusual golden colour – so it not only tastes great but it looks lovely too!

Also available as a Light tonic water, Sea Buck has distinct, refined taste with no bitterness. We love its full, fresh citrus flavours, which partner really well with Sea Arch in a mouth-watering Sea & T.

Sea & T non-alcoholic cocktail recipe

Whichever tonic water you opt for, our classic Sea & T non-alcoholic cocktail recipe is the ideal way to give it a try in style… Sea T non alcoholic cocktail Sea Arch Drinks

Sea & T: All the taste of a classic G&T, but without the alcohol


· Fill a gin balloon glass with plenty of ice

· Pour in 50ml of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

· Add a good squeeze of fresh Lemon

· Top with your favourite premium tonic

· Garnish with a twist of lemon

Let us know which is your favourite tonic water pairing for Sea Arch! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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