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Dry January is bigger than ever


After the indulgence of Christmas and New Year, January tends to be a much more moderate month all round. Many of us look to reintroduce some balance in our lives, adopting a renewed focus on health and fitness, cutting back on the booze, reducing the calories we consume and finding canny ways to save money after a month of extravagance.

It’s no wonder then that Dry January is bigger than ever this year, with one in six (18%) adults who drink alcohol planning to have a month off drinking for Dry January 2022. That’s an estimated 7.9 million UK adults – up around 22% on last year, according to estimates from Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January.

The growth in the number of people participating in Dry January is staggering, having started in 2013 with only 4,000 people. Or is it…?

Delicious ‘No & Low’ Options

In that very short time, the quality and range of non-alcoholic drinks has improved no end, providing people with proper, ‘grown-up’ alcohol alternatives. No longer left to choose between sugary soft drinks or sparkling water, these days the world is your oyster if you’re looking to stop drinking, or even just cut back a bit on your alcohol consumption.

Needless to say, our deliciously crisp Sea Arch Coastal Juniper non-alcoholic spirit is a great place to start if you’re looking for a tantalising tipple with no alcohol. Perfect as a refreshing ‘Sea & T’ served over ice with a squeeze of citrus and a premium tonic (an alcohol-free alternative to the classic G & T), or in a range of non-alcoholic cocktails, Sea Arch is not only alcohol-free but also sugar-free, sweetener-free and calorie-free. The perfect treat that you can enjoy any night of the week – and throughout Dry January – with a clear head and a clear conscience!

And you don’t just have to take our word for it either. Sea Arch has received some fabulous reviews, awards and recognition over the past year or so. Described last year by the distinguished drinks critic Jane MacQuitty at The Times as “the best non-alcoholic spirit yet”, it has recently been selected by the expert panel at the Good Housekeeping Institute for their round-up of the best non-alcoholic spirits to try if you’re taking part in Dry January or looking to reduce your intake – and the best choice for an alcohol-free martini.

Better health & wellbeing

Having an alcohol-free month is good for us on many levels, bringing numerous health benefits including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, weight loss and improved sleep quality.

Whether or not you have existing health issues, cutting the amount of alcohol consumed is known to be beneficial for the body and mind alike. What’s more, it provides a good opportunity to better understand our relationship with alcohol, which in turn often leads to people to developing more mindful drinking habits over the longer term. And think of the money saved!

Nevertheless, the idea of a completely dry month may be a step too far for some, with increasing numbers of people preferring to take a more moderate approach to drinking all year round – for instance, going alcohol-free during the week, then enjoying a few alcoholic drinks at the weekend when they’re more likely to find themselves in social situations.


Flexible approach to food & drink

In many ways, Dry January is similar to Veganuary, and not only because they both take place in January. Veganism has grown significantly over recent years and can no longer be considered ‘just a trend’, becoming a mainstay in the diets of many in our society. Recent figures suggest there are now about 1.6 million vegans in the UK, representing around 3% of our population.

As with low- and no-alcohol drinks, this is partly due to there being more and better choice nowadays for anyone following a vegan diet.

And much like with the No & Low alcohol sector, people are increasingly choosing a more moderate, flexible approach when it comes to food and drink – sometimes eating a vegan diet or not drinking alcohol, without having to sit on one side of the fence or the other.

The perfect fit, twice over

From the outset, Sea Arch Coastal Juniper was created to give people more choice about what they drink and better quality options when they’re not drinking alcohol, so we’ve always been focused on being as inclusive as possible.

Suitable for vegans and allergen-free, Sea Arch looks and tastes like a ‘grown up’ drink so even in social situations it’s doesn’t feel like a compromise.

That means at this time of year Sea Arch will always be the perfect fit, twice over – for both Veganuary and Dry January!



Your Dry January booster pack

If you’re not quite sure where to start, our Sea Arch Gift Pack makes the perfect starter or booster pack for Dry January. It includes one 25cl bottle of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper spirit plus two Sea & T

ready-to-drink (RTD) cans of Coastal Juniper spirit pre-mixed with tonic – the Sea & T RTD with a lightly sparkling Indian tonic, and the Rose Sea & T RTD with a delicate rose and raspberry infused tonic.

A delicious trio of tipples that’s sure to make Dry January and Veganuary a breeze. Order yours now at our online shop.


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