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Here’s our selection of alcohol-free cocktail recipes, from our classic Sea & T pairing Sea Arch Coastal Juniper with premium tonic, to more adventurous combinations. All the fun of a ‘proper’ drink, without the hangover, sugar or calories… We’ll drink to that!


How is a non-alcoholic gin distilled?

A non-alcoholic gin can be distilled in much the same way as an alcoholic gin. However, some of the cheap inferior products just soak the botanicals in water and strain which gives a watery, thin product. At Sea Arch our non-alcoholic gin is made using traditional copper pot and steam distillation techniques. Each of our ingredients is individually distilled; the process involves, maceration, heating and condensing to capture the very best from each of our eleven carefully selected botanicals. The result is a full flavoured, refreshing non-alcoholic gin that has real bite and complexity.

What is a mocktail?

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic cocktail. The very first mocktail is believed to have been the Shirley Temple, created by a mixologist in Beverley Hills for the famous young actress. The ingredients for this famous alcohol-free drink include grenadine, ginger ale, and lime soda, served in a highball glass with a couple of ice cubes and a maraschino cherry garnish. This easy mocktail recipe, like many of the first mocktails is very sweet, in fact Shirley Temple herself was thought not to have liked it, calling it “icky”. Although mocktails were usually served to children in the early days, which is why they were often very sweet, they were also mixed for non-drinkers, and provided booze-free options to the teetotal drinker. In recent times mocktails have become increasingly sophisticated, innovative, less sweet and more like alcoholic cocktails in both style, taste and presentation. The Sea Arch mixologist has created some fabulous mocktails which are both delicious and mindful.

What are some ingredients for non-alcoholic cocktails?

The ingredients for non-alcoholic cocktails are as varied as those that go into alcoholic cocktails, except for one ingredient of course, namely alcohol. Typical ingredients for many alcohol-free cocktails will include a premium alcohol-free spirit like Sea Arch, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice and other fruity ingredients. Also, fresh mint and other herbs, and spices like ginger and cloves. There are plenty of mixers currently on the market, many opting for low sugar options, like ginger ale or ginger beer, soda water, cordials like elderflower or lime. As tastes have evolved, since the early days of the very sweet Shirley Temple and our palettes have become more sophisticated, the mixologist has had to be more inventive, creating booze-free cocktails for the health-conscious using more unusual combinations of herbs, spices, shrubs and vinegars, many more of which are now readily available. For the Sea Arch Bees & Seas Cocktail for example the Coastal Juniper blend is used as a spirit base to which is added honey, apple cider vinegar, soda and apple juice.

Why should someone choose a mocktail over a cocktail?

A mocktail is a great choice for those looking for a booze-free cocktail that’s special and celebratory without the negative effects of alcohol. Non-alcoholic cocktails, when made by a skilled mixologist are both delicious and mindful. When served alongside alcoholic cocktails, alcohol-free cocktails are really inclusive – whether drinking alcohol or not everyone can feel part of the occasion. Beautifully presented and crafted mocktails, mixed in cocktail shakers with crushed ice and creative garnishes served with the same sense of theatre as alcoholic drinks promotes equality between drinkers and non-drinkers. For the health-conscious the mixologist can create a mocktail that is low in sugar and includes many healthy ingredients as well as containing no-alcohol which is already of course a healthier drink choice. At Sea Arch, the cocktails, as well as being alcohol-free, are low in sugar and calories, use natural ingredients and have a refreshing purity in both flavour and presentation, making them an authentically healthy alternative.

Are non-alcoholic cocktails healthy?

Mocktails or alcohol-free cocktails can be very healthy, depending on the number of healthy ingredients used by the mixologist. Being alcohol-free is a healthy choice in itself, however the cocktail can be made even healthier by keeping the sugar content low and using healthy ingredients: Fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and elderflower are all full of healthy vitamins. Vinegars and shrubs used in mocktails contain antioxidants and are thought to aid in weight loss and reduce cholesterol. Herbs like fresh mint and rosemary, often included in both the ingredients and the garnish have anti-inflammatory properties and may help prevent heart disease. Non-alcoholic cocktails are often a healthy choice because of what isn’t in the drink. Sea Arch spirit has no calories, no sugar, is allergen free, vegan friendly and uses all-natural botanicals as well as being alcohol-free. So, when used as a base in a mocktail along with other clean, natural ingredients can certainly be regarded as a healthy choice.

What are the best-known alcohol-free cocktails?

There are many alcohol-free cocktails or mocktails. The most well-known non-alcoholic recipe is the Shirley Temple, which is also thought to have been the very first, made in the US for the famous child star Shirley Temple. Other well-known non-alcoholic cocktails are derived from alcohol-free versions of popular alcoholic cocktails. A martini, for example, can be made with an alcohol-free spirit like Sea Arch by steeping it in lemon zest, adding fresh basil and serving it chilled in a martini glass – shaken not stirred obviously! There are many ingredients which can be used to replace the alcoholic ingredients to make delicious mocktails. The Coastal Juniper spirit from Sea Arch works wonderfully in any gin-based cocktail as an alternative to the alcoholic ingredient. Other popular non-alcoholic cocktails take inspiration from classics such as the Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver and Mojito.

The best and most innovative mixologists use their creative skills to ensure that the non-alcoholic cocktail recipes provide the same quality of flavour and drinking experience as an alcoholic cocktail.

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