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6 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails To Try


It’s World Cocktail Day this month so we thought we’d dedicate this blog post to the marvel that is the alcohol-free cocktail (also called a mocktail or virgin cocktail) and share some of our favourite recipes with you.

Where did non-alcoholic cocktails start?

Traditionally cocktails have been made with spirits such as gin, vodka, tequila and rum as the base, but the rise in popularity of the non-alcoholic spirit over the past few years has led in turn to the creation of many a delicious mocktail recipe. Served in an elegant cocktail glass with ice cubes and a squeeze of fresh lime juice or lemon juice, or mixed in a cocktail shaker with a simple syrup or juice and crushed ice, they offer a delicious, refreshing drink that brings all the sense of occasion of a mojito or a glass of fizz, yet with no alcohol at all so they’re healthier and hangover-free.

The original and most famous mocktail was The Shirley Temple, created in 1932 in a Beverley Hills restaurant for the young actress when she visited with her parents. The story is that after complaining that she wanted a ‘grown-up’ drink too, the bartender created the drink especially for her by mixing ginger ale with a splash of grenadine and topping it with a maraschino cherry garnish. Temple herself was apparently not a fan of the famous pink drink though, dubbing it “the saccharine sweet, icky drink”.

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The Mocktail Revolution

Thankfully tastes have changed dramatically in recent years, with something of a mocktail revolution taking place. This has been driven mainly by consumers’ demand for more choice, healthier options and an unwillingness to compromise on taste or social experience.

At home, alcohol-free imbibers are mixing up a storm. Online searches for the word ‘mocktail’ have increased by over 40% in recent years, while step-by-step recipes are encouraging consumers to use a wider variety of interesting, readily available ingredients. Mixing, stirring and shaking with equipment traditionally only used for their alcoholic counterparts, homemade mocktails are transforming into a refreshingly sophisticated and socially desirable experience.

They’re no longer just the domain of non-drinkers either, providing an appealing alternative for the modern, health-conscious consumer. Extending our booze-free options way beyond juice, lemonade or sparkling water, non-alcoholic cocktails are here to stay!

Our favourite Sea Arch cocktail recipes

Here at Sea Arch HQ, we’ve come up with a range of no-alcohol cocktail recipes that have been created to complement the fresh, coastal flavours of our award-winning Sea Arch Coastal Juniper. Inspired by the Devon coastline and bursting with seaside botanicals, Sea Arch is a crisp, complex alcohol-free spirit that doesn’t compromise on taste or experience. It is made from a blend of eleven different botanicals including juniper, cardamom, coriander and blood orange, plus the all-important seaside botanicals of sugar kelp and samphire, each of which is traditionally distilled and then skilfully blended. The resulting non-alcoholic spirit provides a genuine alternative to alcohol that works really well in many gin-based cocktails and other mixed drinks – plus it’s calorie free, sugar free and sweetener free too.

Whether you’re a budding mixologist or just looking for a new non-alcoholic cocktail recipe or two to try, you need look no further. We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourites, all ideal for sipping and savouring over the warmer months ahead – a taste of the seaside, brought to your back garden! So why not set aside the sangria or upgrade your trusty lime and soda, letting these alcohol-free cocktails bring a little more pizzazz into your life?
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Sea & T

All the taste of a classic G&T, but without the alcohol.

· Fill a gin balloon glass with plenty of ice

· Pour in 50ml of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper and a good squeeze of fresh lemon

· Top with your favourite premium tonic

Rhubarb Blush

Rhubarb and Sea Arch a match made in heaven!

· Pour 50ml Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

· 150ml homemade rhubarb juice

· And half a tsp of cardamon syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake

· Strain into a large glass over ice

· Garnish with rhubarb ribbons

Bees and Seas

A deliciously sweet and sour libation

· Pour 50ml Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

· Add 25ml cloudy apple juice

· Add 25ml honey syrup (honey and water 1:1)

· Add 10ml cider apple vinegar

· Top up with soda water

· Serve in a large glass on the rocks

· Stir and garnish with sliced apple

Rose Berry Spritz

Keeping you in the pink!

· Muddle a few fresh raspberries in a large wine glass

· Add a tsp of simple syrup

· Add a 50ml of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

· Top up with a @fevertreemixers Raspberry & Rose soda

· Garnish with rose petals and fresh raspberries

Sea Arch Sour

Creamy, smooth and just a little bit indulgent

· Pour 50ml of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper into a cocktail shaker

· Add 30ml freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice

· Add 20ml lemon juice

· Add 15ml sugar syrup

· Add 30ml of aquafaba (vegan) or egg white can be used

· Shake for 10 seconds, then add 2 large ice cubes

· Shake for a further 15 seconds, strain into a glass

· Decorate with powdered raspberries

Cucumber and Basil

A refreshing and fragrant long alcohol-free drink

· Fill a gin balloon glass with ice

· Add 50ml Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

· Top with a premium cucumber tonic

· Garnish with cucumber ribbons

· Finish with fresh basil

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Lastly, if all that measuring and mixing sounds like too much effort, we’ve done all the hard work for you with our Sea & T pre-mixed, ready to drink cans. Using Sea Arch Coastal Juniper as the base, the Sea & T can contains a double measure of Sea Arch spirit mixed with a lightly sparkling Indian tonic, while the Rose Sea & T is blended with a delicate rose and raspberry infused tonic. Both are made from 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Delicious, refreshing and convenient, they’re ideal for picnics, parties and lazy afternoons. Simply snap open the can and pour over ice – what could be easier?

Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks and months for more alcohol-free cocktail recipes.

In the meantime, happy mixing and muddling!

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